Provide the discipline your children require

There are many great reasons to get your child involved in physical activities. From staying in shape to learning how to respect other individuals, working to learn an activity can be very beneficial for development.

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu is a great way for your kids to hone their focus, release pent-up energy, and learn how to listen, follow directions and use their bodies. Watch your child develop Jiu-Jitsu skill and the potential to take on everything life has to offer.

Sign up today to get your kids on the right track! If you’re looking to train side-by-side with your child, ask us about our Parent and Me training programs where adults can train with their children!

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Instill respect into your children’s daily lives

Whether your little one is ready for the discipline martial arts requires or just needs some physical activity, there’s something for every child at Brazilian Top Team.


We teach them to be mentally and physically prepared for any situation!

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